Who We Are

Since 1990, VVA Chapter 522 has been involved in a broad range of activities and projects.  Our primary focus has been, and always will be, on veterans and their families. We routinely plan volunteer work and community service projects throughout each calendar year. Our members includes Vietnam War veterans as well as veterans who served on active duty during the Vietnam War. Every member of our organization takes great pride in supporting military personnel who have served our nation.

Chapter 522’s goals are generally focused around three key elements: (1) providing financial assistance for veterans in need, (2) offering healthcare information and related administrative support, and (3) providing basic human needs (e.g., food, clothing, and temporary shelter) to veterans. We provide assistance for homeless veterans and handicap veterans in conjunction with government agencies and non-profit organizations working in our community.  

Like many other VVA Chapters around the country, “Five Double Deuce” has an active Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) affiliate organization that is open to everyone - spouses, parents, children, neighbors, and friends of Vietnam veterans. Our AVVA organization serves as a valuable partner by providing much-needed manpower support for many of our fund-raising activities and community service projects.

Our website has been designed to provide comprehensive information about Chapter 522. We offer news about past, current, and future activities. Website visitors will find valuable information about major chapter events (e.g., fund raising activities, outreach programs for Vietnam veterans, and community service ventures). Additional information about Chapter 522 may be found by clicking on any of the major topics or subtopics provided on the website’s navigation bars.

Chapter 522’s website also includes many pictures from the Vietnam War as well as current chapter activities. We feel pictures are an important means of preserving the historical links from the past to the present.

If you are interested in more information related to the founding and activities of the Vietnam Veterans of America, go the “VVA Videos” under the “Vietnam War Links” on the navigation bar.