Veteran Statistics

It is often difficult to put into perspective the contributions made by Americans in defense our our great nation. Even more difficult is providing a sense of the human legacy costs associated with returning veterans from major conflicts.

We have included this page to enlighten visitors regarding the number of veterans there are nationally and in the state of Florida. This information is based on 2010 census data.

National Statistics:

2,594,000: Number of Americans who served in Vietnam

789,000: Vietnam Combat Veterans Deaths (1995-2001)

815,000: Estimated Number of Living Vietnam Veterans

309: Approximate Death Rate Per Day  (VA Statistics)                                                    

State of Florida Statistics:

1,650,900: Total Number of Veterans  Living in Florida

1,510,000: Male Veterans Living in Florida

140,900: Female Veterans Living in Florida

1,229,100: Wartime Veterans in Florida

421,800: Peacetime Veterans in Florida

511,100: Vietnam Era Veterans

399,100: Gulf War Veterans

212,500: Korean Conflict Veterans

187,900: World War II Veterans