Veteran Benefits

One of the most important topics at every monthly meeting for Chapter 522 is veteran benefits. Most of our discussions in recent months has centered around health care and issues at the VA regarding services and eligibility for disability under the VA claims process. Our chapter is fortunate to have members who are either current service offices or retired service officers. They explain issues in laymen terms so the members present at meetings are able to understand the details related to new policies and procedures being implemented at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our parent organization, the Vietnam Veterans of America, also does an excellent job of communicating important issues through The VVA Veteran magazine.

We decided to include a page that provides additional resources related to veteran benefit issues. When we find articles that are important to our members we will include links on this page. This may only be a very small step in the overall scheme of things, but if the information helps even one veteran the effort will be worth the time.

Click on the flags below to read more about each topic listed.

Limiting Liability.pdf

“Limiting Liability At The VA,” Jim Vale, The VVA Veteran, November-December, 2014, pages 18,46. If you are involved in the VA claims process, this is a must read.

Anecdote Alley - Do Veterans Read VA Claims Denials?” Benjamin Krause,, January 9, 2015. If you have received a denial letter from the VA, you may be interested in this article.


“Caution Flag Up on More Easing of VA Choice Card” Tom Philpott,, April 2, 2015. More changes may be on the way for “Choice Cards.”

Caution Flag Up.pdf tax exemption.pdf

Property Tax Benefits for Active Duty Military and Veterans - for State of Florida residents. If you have at least a 10% service connected disability you may be eligible for a special property tax exemption.

VA Net Worth.pdf

VA Eliminates Net Worth as Health Care Eligibility Factor. This criteria was always a difficult hurdle for many veterans.

Get The Truth On.pdf

“Get The Truth On ‘Scientific Literature’ For VA Disability Claims,” Benjamin Krause,, April 11, 2015. The author provides some useful information about claims denied based on scientific evidence.