Chapter 522 is involved in a variety of activities that support our core principles and objectives. We have a membership base that is interested in a variety of community service projects and programs. The chapter is also engaged in various outreach programs that support and assist local veterans. While we are particularly interested in serving Vietnam-era veterans, we make every effort to provide assistance to all veterans regardless of when or where they served.

The resources required to support community service and veterans outreach programs are provided by our members through a number of fund raising activities. Our annual budget is typically built on a foundation of recurring projects (e.g., golf tournaments and sweat-equity commitments and volunteer work at weekend fairs and concerts). These activities are supplemented by special events such as poppy donations, flag donations, and merchandise sales (e.g., coffee mugs, flags, campaign buttons, etc.).

We also plan and organize social events for our members throughout the year in order to retain in close contact with members who might not be able to participate in meetings, committees, community service activities, or veterans outreach programs. The age of our members continues to increase which limits our ability to undertake projects requiring significant or sustained labor. Some of our paralyzed members are limited in certain areas, but their willingness and desire to serve is strong and appreciated by all of our members.

More detailed information about specific activities or programs can be found by clicking on any of the pages listed under the “Activities” heading in the navigation bar. If you are interested in more information, please contact us and we will be happy to share this information with you.