Fund Raising Events

Chapter 522 relies on numerous events and special activities to generate funds that support our community service goals and veterans outreach initiatives. We normally categorize our fund raising events into two groups - those that are recurring or annual events, and those that are one-time or special events. Following are some examples for each type of activity:

Recurring or Annual Events: Chapter 522 normally participates in three major fund-raising events on an annual basis. They are:

1. The Dwight Harrah Memorial Golf Tournament which is planned and executed by members of Chapter 522. 2015 marked the 9th consecutive year for this event. Our current goal is to continue the annual golf tournament as our signature fund raising event each year.

2. The members of Chapter 522 also participate in soliciting donations for poppies, American flags, and campaign-style patriotic buttons at special one-day programs with local retail establishments. These events are generally scheduled around major holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

3. The beer and wine truck at the St. Petersburg Get Downtown First Friday concerts. These events are coordinated through the Breakfast Optimist Club of St. Petersburg.

One-Time or Special Events: Chapter 522 provides manpower for many local events held in St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Over the past several years we have formed partnerships with other organizations to jointly support special events. We have also assumed responsibility as the managing partner for some of these events. Notable events we have recently worked include:

1. Food booths, beer trucks, and wine booths at several concerts (jazz, oldies, country western) held at Coachmen Park in Clearwater. Most of these events are normally one-day commitments organized by the City of Clearwater.

2. Chapter booths at local events such as the Johns Pass Seafood Festival. We sell coffee mugs, key chains, and other items while also using the event to attract new members to our organization.