Chapter 522 has two Florida State Council elected delegates:          

                    Position                                                                                                 Delegate

                    FSC Delegate                                                                                        Rick Goodfellow

                    FSC Delegate                                                                                        Alan Thompson

(Note: All officers of VVA Chapter 522 are also delegates to the FSC and VVA National.)

Chapter 522 AVVA has one Florida State Council representative:

                     Position                                                                                                 Representative

                    AVVA FSC Liaison                                                                                 Rosalie Bousher

Chapter 522 also has one elected officer on the Florida State Council:

                      Position                                                                                                 Officer     

                      1st VP FSC                                                                                           Mike Bousher

Chapter 522 has the following special advisors on the Florida State Council:

                       Position                                                                                                Advisor

                       Agent Orange Special Advisor                                                             Alan Thompson

                      PTSD Special Advisor                                                                           Alan Thompson

Delegates & Representatives