Chapter 522 actively maintains and relies on electronic mailing lists as our primary means of providing information to members as well as other persons who have expressed an interest in our chapter. These mailing lists are used for a variety of internal and external chapter-related communications.

As a service to our members, Chapter 522 also provides links to other websites of interest to our members. These links are not intended to be an endorsement of the external websites. They are offered as a starting point for members  or website visitors who may be searching for additional information.

Members are encouraged to submit information about potential new website listings. The chapter’s Board of Directors has been charged with the responsibility of reviewing specific requests and making the final determination regarding which websites/links will be included on our website.

Currently, our websites/links fall into four major categories. A separate page has been created for each grouping.  Hyperlinks  will take you directly to the internet site you are interested in viewing.  

1. Florida websites of veteran-related organizations. These sites may be helpful to Florida state residents.

2. VA websites that may be useful to our members in terms of benefits, resources, health services, or educational opportunities.

3. Other useful websites that may be of general interest to our members or visitors to our website. Chapter 522 does not normally provide links to internet sites that sell goods or services.

4. Addresses of other veteran-related organizations. This category also includes telephone numbers where available and known for members or visitors who may need to contact those agencies or organizations by telephone.