Every member of Chapter 522 and our AVVA affiliate is extremely important to our organization. More than half the members of Chapter 522 are life members of the Vietnam Veterans of America. We share many common bonds together despite our diverse backgrounds and individual achievements. The chapter has a long history of supporting veterans in many different ways.

We decided that one valuable tool at our disposal for preserving our historical legacy is through pictures of our members. To this end we have created three pages to record and recognize the full life cycle of the men and women in our organization.

The first page is called “Back In The Day.” It includes pictures of our members while in uniform during the Vietnam War period. Associated with each member photo is information about their branch of service, the unit(s) they served in, and their rank while serving in Vietnam.

The second section is called “Member Photos.” This is a collection of current photos of each member while engaged in activities for Chapter 522. This section will be updated more frequently as new pictures are obtained. Most of the photos on this page can also be found in the photo albums maintained by our organization.

The final section is called “In Memory Of.” It records members of Chapter 522 who have passed away. These members are still with us in our hearts and minds .

Throughout our website viewers will also find a number of group photos taken at Chapter 522 events.