Chapter Awards

Chapter 522 has received a significant number of awards and special recognitions since our organization was formed in 1990. None of these awards would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our entire membership.

We are a relatively small chapter in terms of membership, but like many other organizations we have a dedicated core group of individuals who are always willing to invest their time and energy on worthy projects, to participate in fund-raising events, and to support veterans in need of assistance. We have been blessed with AVVA members who share our vision through their willingness to participate in many of our projects and activities.

Our members decided to consolidate the most important awards and recognitions into a format that properly reflects some of our major accomplishments. We have established a simple format to display and describe the awards on our website.

Based on our historical work in this area, we created two categories to record this information. They are:

1.  Awards received from our national organization (Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.) as well as awards from our state organization (VVA Florida State Council).

2. Awards and other types of special recognitions received from military or non-military organizations outside of the Vietnam Veterans of America hierarchy.

Chapter 522 does not currently have a designated historian. Capturing and recording this information is sometimes difficult. Our goal is to continue to research achieves and other records to identify important awards and other accomplishments as time permits.