Service Awards

The Vietnam Veterans of America recognizes the continuous service of all members. Chapter 522 is extremely proud of the number of our veterans who have been in the VVA for many years. Shown below are the names of our members who have reached major milestones of 25 years, 20 years, and 15 years of service. These three groups account for 48 members, or about 50% of our chapter’s total membership.

25(+) Years of Service (9)

Ronald Brown

James Cargill

Jay Dreschnack

Steven Kanaar

Ewald Kunzek

Herbert Miller

Barry Murante

Francis Michael O’Meara

Alan Thompson

20(+) Years of Service (12)

Kevin Begley

Peter Blume

Joseph Brisciano

Jack Brown

Gerald Goleman

Andrew Hulse

Stephen Jones

Robert Klase

Donald Lilga

David Miller

Dale Nichols

Stephen Ray

15(+) Years of Service (27)

Richard Ammon

Steven Anderson

Rufus Anderson

Jim Armitage

Gene Borg

Ricky Brennan

Gerald Conway

Layne Duke

Stephen Gerety

Timothy Gressert

Richard Goodfellow

James Groover

Robert Gundry

Larry Lee

Don Lomurno

Robert McKahan

Patrick McVeigh

James Methvin

George Munson

Robert Norbeck

Jack Power

Gordon Ritchie

Carlos Sarmiento

William Sundberg

David Syster

Wayne Webber

Bruce Witham