Vietnam Legacy

The vivid memories to Vietnam will always be a part of our lives. It changed each of us - physically, mentally, and emotionally. We all saw things and heard things that would be hard to explain to anyone but another Vietnam veteran. We honor all of those who served and especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice. The legacy of Vietnam is still being written. We believe that over time historians will provide a true and accurate picture of the war. We do not want any favors, we just want the story to be right for all of us.

The Vietnam War ended in 1975. However, the legacy of Vietnam continues to produce lasting issues for all those who participated in the conflict. To often our politicians and government agencies have been slow to respond to the needs of veterans and their families regarding the residual effects of the war. The Vietnam Veterans of America actively engages in this process by challenging our leaders to identify key issues, assist in drafting legislation, and ensuring the timing delivery of services to qualified veterans and their families.

One of the goals that Chapter 522 made when we decided to upgrade and enhance our website was to provide a forum regarding important issues related to our Vietnam legacy. New information is being created constantly. We see our role as a monitor and consolidator of information regarding a number of subject areas of interest to veterans. We hope to add articles about key decisions, policies, and legislation affecting our members and their families. Currently we have created separate pages for the following topics:

- Agent Orange


- Homeless


- Gold Star Families

- Veteran Benefits

- Color Guard

When we find appropriate articles regarding the above topics we will provide a link to them so viewers may obtain the latest and most timely information.  We have also asked our members to provide input on these issues so we have an informed public.