In 2012, the members of Chapter 522 were asked to provide input on ways to enhance our website. We have limited financial resources and our manpower resources are all volunteers. Needless to say that this request presented a challenge and some creative thinking.

After considerable discuss and debate, we further refined the request to identify areas that would be meaningful to our entire membership and well as non-members who might visit our website.

This portion of our website is one of the most important end products from that process. We found that many members had saved certain memorabilia, and also had access to photos of memorabilia, from their time in Vietnam.

Individually, these items did not have a great deal of significance or financial value. However, we sincerely believe that when the items are presented collectively they present some fascinating historical reference and priceless memories of our past.

Currently we have two sub-pages for viewing: (1) Vietnam Pocket Guide, and (2) Historical Items. We have other memorabilia that we hope to share with everyone in the future. This is a work-in-progress section that will be updated as time permits.

If you have items that you think might be appropriate for this portion of our website, please contact us so we can work out the details on how best to present them.